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December 1, 2017

Countering malnutrition after Hurricane Maria one warm meal at a time

Many of Puerto Rico’s families are unable to access fresh, nutritious food, relying on meals provided by humanitarian relief organizations and other entities. According to Puerto Rico officials, and reports from Malteser International Americas’ Assessment Team, emergency responders are still providing 1 million meals per day on the island as of the first week of November. Lack of access to adequate food results in malnutrition, which can cause and exacerbate other health issues.

Under the guidance of Malteser International Americas, the Puerto Rico Delegation of the Order of Malta mobilized relief efforts in early October and began providing assistance to the people affected in Humacao and Guaynabo. Their relief is directly preventing malnutrition in the hardest hit communities and ensuring that families have warm meals.

With help from Malteser International Americas, around 20,000 warm meals, 8,000 food items, and more than 21,000 bottles of drinking water have been distributed since then at two strategically located distribution stations at local parishes. The Order has also been providing weekly consultations with doctors.

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