Americas / Haiti

February 8, 2018

Board members take it to the field in Haiti

This week, members of the Malteser International Americas Board of Directors joined our Haiti team in the field for an immersive boots-on-the-ground visit to the communities in which we operate sustainable projects, and to meet the children and families that have benefited from our work over the last eight years. Members and staff visited the regions where we are planting trees, reforesting mangroves, and growing fruits to achieve food security and ecological sustainability.

Our initial work began in Haiti following the 2010 earthquake where we provided critical emergency relief. From there, we transitioned to treating people during the catastrophic cholera outbreak. Over the years, our work has taken us to vulnerable communities across the country rehabbing hospitals, connecting communities to clean drinking water, establishing disaster preparedness brigades, restoring the livelihood of fishermen, planting sustainable gardens, building playgrounds to improve well-being for children, and so much more.

While we are always prepared to provide emergency relief following any disaster that hits the country, our day-to-day work in the country focuses on primarily on improving health and nutrition for children and families, preparing people to remain stay safe during future disasters, and helping communities achieve resiliency.




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