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November 14, 2016

Helping men to fish in Haiti after Hurricane Matthew

On October 4th, Hurricane Matthew slammed into Haiti, bringing with it torrential rain that washed away homes and crops ready for harvest. Livelihood of all sorts were destroyed, including 180 fishermen in Belle-Anse, the region in the northern region of the country where we have been helping families to restore, rebuild, and reclaim their lives following the destructive earthquake of 2010, and the subsequent ongoing droughts.

The recent hurricane affected 180 fishermen in Belle-Anse, destroying fish-traps and threatening their immediate livelihoods. The local production of fish-traps is lengthy, taking about 2 days for each fisherman to produce one trap.  To help each fisherman resume their fishing activity in the community, each received assistance to produce 16 traps.

Help more Haitians rebuild their livelihood today.