The Order of Malta – The World’s Oldest Christian Charity

The Order of Malta is a Catholic lay religious order founded over 900 years ago in Jerusalem, and it has pursued its historic mission to help the sick, the needy and the most disadvantaged in society until today. With more than 13,000 members, the Order of Malta’s worldwide network forms a chain of solidarity, ready to provide assistance whenever and wherever it is needed.

As a sovereign entity, the Order of Malta is a well-respected, neutral party in the international political arena. Today, the Order has representatives in more than 50 countries, diplomatic relations with 104 countries and Permanent Observer status at the United Nations, the European Union and numerous international organizations. This unique diplomatic-humanitarian network allows the Order of Malta to develop strategic partnerships and open up cooperation routes in order to provide humanitarian assistance quickly and effectively.

  • 2015

    Earthquake relief in Nepal

  • 2014

    Relief for persecuted minorities in Northern Iraq

  • 2013

    Emergency relief after Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines

  • 2012

    Emergency relief for Syrian refugees and displaced in Syria, Turkey and Lebanon

  • 2011

    Drought and famine relief in the Horn of Africa

  • 2011

    Earthquake relief in Japan

  • 2010

    Flood relief in Pakistan

  • 2010

    Earthquake relief in Haiti

  • 2008

    Disaster relief after Cyclone Nargis in Burma/Myanmar

  • 2005

    Reconstruction aid after Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, USA

  • 2005

    Tsunami relief in South and Southeast Asia

  • 2004

    Refugee aid in Darfur, Sudan

  • 2001

    Humanitarian aid for the displaced in Afghanistan

  • 1999

    Emergency relief during Kosovo War

  • 1998

    Relief and reconstruction after Hurricane Mitch in Honduras

  • 1994

    Emergency relief for Rwandans after the Genocide

  • 1991

    Humanitarian aid for war victims in former Yugoslavia

  • 1991

    Humanitarian aid for Kurds in Iraq

  • 1985

    Famine relief in Africa

  • 1966

    Refugee aid during Vietnam War

  • 1956

    Refugee aid at the Austro-Hungarian border

When you support Malteser International, you become part of something exceptional: a global community dedicated to making the world a better place for families affected by poverty, disease, conflict and disasters.


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