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March 18, 2017

Peruvians reeling from deadly downpour

Children in our rural soup kitchen receiving a hot, nutritious meal.

Our hearts go out to the country of Peru and Malteser Peru after heavy El Nino storms unleashed some of the deadliest downpours in decades. Torrential floods, landslides, and raging waters washed away humble homes. According to the latest official figures 75 people have lost their lives, 100,000 rendered homeless and the total number of affected people reaches 600,000.

Lima and Piura are two regions where Malteser Peru has been active for many years, and which are now among the most affected areas in the country. To help those in need, Malteser Peru started an in-country campaign to collect clothes, food and water to support the affected areas.

Marco Antonio Quispe Perez, the President of Malteser Peru has reported that the main building material in the affected areas is either wood or the traditional mud and wattle with a straw-thatched roof, which could not resist the heavy rain, which began pouring down on the region in January. Many volunteers are providing people in the affected areas with materials and spiritual assistance.

For seven years, Malteser International’s community soup kitchen in the very poor suburb of Amauta in the outskirts of Lima, Peru, tackles food insecurity by providing homemade, nutritious meals to over 50 children and adults, some of Peru’s poorest and most hungry. Bellies are filled, older adults are taken care of, and it is all possible with the help of the local partners at Malteser Peru.

Donate today to help the families affected by the floods and mudslides, many of whom are Peru’s most vulnerable.



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