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DONATE today to Hurricane Matthew relief efforts

Hurricane Matthew Haiti - Photo: Aktion Deutschland Hilft/Bahare Kh

Hurricane Matthew unleashed devastation on Haiti in the early morning of October 4, 2016, drowning the country and costing more than 1,000 people their lives according to local officials. It was  the fiercest hurricane in decades…a vengeful storm of destructive proportions. Nearly three-quarters of a million other Haitians are in desperate need of aid…and they are wondering who will be the one to help.

Families are facing hellish conditions – especially small children, single-headed households, and the elderly. Many are living in a dangerous shanties made of scraps. The sewage channels overflowed from the floodwaters forcing toxic, stagnant water polluted with sewage, garbage, and physical remains into their shack. This is no environment for humans to live.

Together, we can provide food, clear debris, and unblock drainage channels, and provide survivors with hygiene material to reduce the risk of another deadly cholera epidemic. Please….be the one to help us care for Haiti’s most vulnerable people today!


Help provide emergency aid & restore dignity to the survivors of Hurricane Matthew!


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