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The situation in Iraq is dramatic. The radical Islamist fighters of Islamic State (ISIS) have spread terror in the north of the country. Hundreds of thousands had to flee from the fighters, most of them Christians and Yazidis. They are displaced in their own country and have lost everything: family members, their homes, their work and their goods. Fearing further attacks, many of them have already fled several times and are always looking for a new place to take refuge. 

Adding to the region’s troubles, there are the numerous Syrian refugees who have sought refuge in neighboring Iraq and now must flee again. Since the beginning of the attacks at the beginning of the year, around 1.8 million people in Iraq are on the run and depend on humanitarian assistance to survive.

Malteser International has been in northern Iraq since August, ensuring medical care for displaced persons in the regions and Dohouk Erbil in the Kurdistan Region.

Together with the Chaldean Catholic Church and an Iraqi partner organization, Malteser International is committed to improving the health of displaced persons. In and around Erbil, a mobile medical team visits families who are staying on church land, in unfinished buildings or with host families in order to examine and treat them. In Ainkawa, a district of Erbil largely inhabited by Christians, Malteser International is building a health center together with the Chaldean Catholic Church on its property. In Dohouk, in the north of Kurdistan, Malteser International has set up a health center for 10,000 people in a camp for internally displaced persons. In recent months, Malteser International supplied two IDP camps in Ainkawa with drugs, bandages, wheelchairs and water dispensers, and installed a container clinic for inpatient treatment of patients.

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