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Removing garbage from the slums of Haiti and replacing it with hope


Haitians are are caught in a daily struggle for survival

Not far from the Haiti’s capital city of Port-au-Prince lies the impoverished shanty town of Cité-Soleil, which lies in a flood prone basin at the bottom of the mountain. When torrential rains pummel the slum, the streets, channels, shacks, and tents are engulfed with a mixture of garbage and human excrement. This causes a threat to human health to its more than 250,000 locals and creates the potential for outbreaks of deadly diseases such as cholera.

Responding to the need for improved health, water and sanitation, Malteser International implemented a successful waste reduction and hygiene education program in schools and communities, installed waste bins and removed waste from the channels by volunteers. We worked with local partners, authorities and the metropolitan waste organization resulted to develop an ongoing waste removal program from Cité-Soleil.

Much of the success of the programs are a result of our community based volunteerism approach to health, where Cité-Soleil residents take ownership of their own health, lives, community and future. Volunteers spearhead their own neighborhood waste management system to help our staff change longstanding behavior, where human waste and garbage had been allowed to contaminate the community. Our goal at Malteser International is to involve the local Haitians to nurture pride and bring back hope to the entire community.




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