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September 29, 2017

Providing Puerto Rico with fresh, drinkable water

More than a week after Hurricane Maria, people are desperate for essentials such as food and water in Puerto Rico. Malteser International Americas is coordinating relief efforts with the Puerto Rican Delegation of the Order of Malta to bring fresh, drinkable water to children and families who are suffering following the devastation of their country following Hurricane Maria.

Puerto Ricans are facing horrendous conditions with very little emergency aid being allowed into the country. Finding fresh, drinkable water is a paramount concern. Lines for water are extensive, and there are shortages or none at all. People are washing clothes, cleaning themselves, and drinking leaking pipes, which may be contaminated and toxic for human consumption.

Due to the lack of available water in throughout the country, Malteser International Americas will support the Puerto Rican Delegation to purchase and distribute fresh water and food to those who are suffering.

To help hurricane relief efforts, donate here.


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