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May 1, 2015


Malteser International distributing food to almost 10,000 people

Malteser International is distributing basic food supplies with a local partner to 1,600 especially needy families – around 10,000 people – living in the districts of Kavre and Sunduplanchok, around 30 miles outside of Kathmandu. Each family is receiving about 45 lbs. of rice and 10 lbs…

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Relief, Reconstruction & Rehabilitation

Millions of people suffer from the consequences of natural disasters, conflicts and crises.

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Indigenous mothers and children in the remote area of Sierra Nevada  in Santa Marta, Colombia.Indigenous mothers and children in the remote area of Sierra Nevada  in Santa Marta, Colombia.


Sustainable health care for Colombia’s forgotten people

For approximately 1,300 Arhuaco people living in isolated Bunkwimake Village in the Colombian Sierra Nevada mountains, access to health care is nearly impossible, and is sometimes a matter of life or death.  Geographical impediments are severe and the indigenous tribe is only accessible by helicopter, or…

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