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May 18, 2017

Americas / Colombia

Working towards clean water for an entire community in Colombia

The children and families of drought-stricken Rancheria Sabanita go without fresh water every day. The climate is arid, people are dehydrated, and the land is barren, which means that there is no drinking water and no water to irrigate crops. A combination of desert climate, lack of proximity to villages to buy water, and financial instability contribute to the lack of clean drinking water. But, we are working towards changing that, so every person has clean water in the community.

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Relief, Reconstruction & Rehabilitation

Millions of people suffer from the consequences of natural disasters, conflicts and crises.

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Americas / Haiti

Replenishing mangroves in Haiti and achieving resiliency

Nearly 10,000 families -or 50, 000 people- will directly experience the effects of the mangrove restoration, and almost 300,000 people in Cité Soleil will benefit from a more resiliency in the community, an increased awareness to disaster preparedness, and the positive impact of a stronger partnerships with the local partners.

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